Travel Writing Awards Season Finds Me

Travelers' TalesThe Oscars aren’t the only awards this season. Much dearer to my heart are the annual Solas Awards for Best Travel Writing, sponsored each year by Travelers’ Tales. The 10th annual Solas awards were announced yesterday and I’m thrilled  that my essay “Moorstones” won a silver. It recounts my visit to the enigmatic ancient stone shrine at Trethevy in Cornwall and the Cathedral at Exeter. You can read “Moorstones” in the travel anthology Wandering in Cornwall: Mystery, Mirth, and Transformation in the Land of the Ancient Celts.

Another of my stories in that anthology, “Driving Me Mad,” won recognition from this year’s Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition.

The book Wandering in Cornwall is available from Book Passage (our favorite independent book store), other bookstores, or

Congrats for Solas Awards also to my friend and fellow Wanderlander MJ Pramik, who cleaned up with four awards! Congrats also to Rosie Cohan, Erin Byrne, Michael Shapiro, Tania Amochaev and many others. And thanks to Larry Habegger and Travelers’ Tales for the recognition.The full list is here.