STROKE: I Want to Scare You Into Knowledge

I want to scare you out of your wits. I want to shake you and make you sit up and listen.

Because I don’t what happened in my family to happen to you. One uncle was blinded by stroke. Another died.  I was luckier: I survived my stroke, but not intact.

May is Stroke Awareness Month, my twelfth since stroke blindsided me in January 2002.

One of the real tragedies of stroke is that we don’t fear it enough.

I was talking with a fellow stroke survivor yesterday. She can no longer travel. I can no longer do math more complicated than a fifth grader might try. Strokes are like tornadoes, we decided, dropping in from nowhere, tearing lives apart in very different ways.

Or maybe strokes are like serial killers.

Watch this ad from the National Stroke Association in Australia. It’s graphic. It’s frankly rather gross. I want to you see it.  Then I want you to click below to learn what you need to know about stroke.

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