Packing for Paris, Part 2: Electronic “Gear”

Packing for Paris is not just clothes. What about all the electronic “gear” we’ll need for a working trip?

Packing is always hard for me. With memory loss and attention deficit from my stroke, it sometimes feels as though I’m running around the house for days trying to determine what I’ll need. Making lists helps.

Here’s the “gear” list I’ve make for myself for a trip this Fall to Paris and other destinations in the Isle de France. I’ll be staying in an apartment in Paris and, outside Paris, in older hotels in small villages–places that often aren’t geared for the proliferation of electronics that seem so indispensable these days.

But first a word on voltage and plugs …

France operates on 220 Volts and 50Hz on AC, while the US operates on 120 Volts and 60Hz. Voltage used to be a bigger consideration than it is today. Now, most computers, cameras, cellphones and e-readers are dual voltage, so the only adjustment necessary is a plug adapter.

Many US heat-generating appliances–like hair dryers, curling irons, or electric rollers, are not. In years of travel, I’ve found voltage converters heavy to carry, difficult to use, and unreliable, especially in older buildings. Instead, I just make sure all my appliances are dual voltage. Dual voltage hairdryers, curling irons, rollers, travel irons, etc. are readily available at travel stores and travel catalogs like Magellan’s.  With so many electronics–and relatively few outlets in older hotels, I also now carry a compact dual voltage extension cord.

My Electronics Packing List for France

Item Don’t forget
Cell phone Charging cord
  • Battery charger
  • Extra battery
  • Memory cards
  • Instruction book
  • USB photo loader


Laptop computer
  • Charger
  • Extension cord
  • Mouse if needed
  • Extra batteries for mouse
  • I once carried a mouse pad;  now I just use a magazine
E-reader if you have one
  • Charger


Travel size dual voltage hair dryer
Dual voltage curling brush
Plug adapters, both grounded and Non-grounded
Dual voltage extension cord
Lightweight computer bag to carry all this stuff. I like the Keen Adele.

 Have I forgotten anything?