Getting ready for a trip? A few important health reminders before you go …

My office is awash in yellow stickies this week … Don’t forget! Underlinings, stars and exclamation points decorate every page.

It’s clear there’s more  to remember than my brain can handle. Here are just a few of the admonitions swirling in my damaged  brain … I must pause and pull this together into an at least semi-coherent list:

  • Check  meds carefully. Order refills in plenty of time. Then, count to be sure I have enough of everything to last at least five days longer than I plan to be away. The extra days are a contingency against transportation delays.
  • Always carry my meds with me – never in checked luggage.
  • In addition to my usual medications, pack extra vitamins and remedies for colds or upset stomach that might arise on the road.
  • As a stroke patient on blood thinner, I carry lots of band-aids as well as pressure tape and clotting agents like the Quick Clock sponge.
  • I always get my INR checked (which tells how how well the Coumadin is thinning my blood) a day or two before I leave – several days if I’ve had trouble keeping stable.
  • I try to arrange it so I don’t need another blood test before I return home.  But, I carry a prescription from my doctor for a blood test to measure my INR just in case. If sense things are “off,” I can have it tested on the road.
  • I have to prod myself to wear my medical ID bracelets.

I also remind myself to:

  • Charge cell phone, computer, camera and Kindle the night before I leave
  • Double-check itineraries and tickets
  • Arrange airport transportation
  • Get plenty of rest before I leave. HA!


Do any of you feel overwhelmed by all the details?