“Bali Shadows” featured in travel e-zine, Passionfruit

I’m excited that my story “Bali Shadows” is featured this month in the fabulous travel e-zine Passionfruit.com, edited by Michele Jin.

I first traveled to Bali 20 years ago “my first-ever trip to the bush, my first-ever overseas trip with Jack, a month after he slipped an engagement ring on my left hand.”

I returned in 2011, “a different person, one who’d had a stroke at age 48, a cataclysm that left me … memory-challenged, dependent on scary-high levels of blood thinner and particularly vulnerable wherever medical care was scarce.”

“Bali Shadows” reminisces about the romance of the first visit, and explores some of what I’ve learned since, about travel–and about myself.

Hope you’ll have a look.

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