12 More Reliable Sources of Health Information on the Web

The proliferation of medical information on the web makes it easier than ever for patients to be informed about their health. It’s also easy to be misinformed and confused by page after page of Google results that are often confusing and contradictory.

Last week I posted on Ten Reliable Sources of Health Information on the Web recommended by my healthcare network.

Today, I’m adding to that list:

1.  Health On the Net Foundation HON: Tina Polhman, president of the APS Foundation of America, reminded me of HON, a well-regarded NGO (non-government organization) that introduced a code of conduct for medical and health web sites (HONcode) that has been adopted by some 3,000 websites worldwide. HON also operates a website, @HON with a search engine that searches only HON certified sites.
2.  WebMD: My own doctor suggested I add this to the list. WebMD has a wealth of information on conditions, symptoms, causes, and treatments. It also offers a drug checker and sections on healthy living and family health.

Stroke, autoimmune disease, and brain injury are my own primary areas of interest and I offer a list on information sources on the resources pages of AnneSigmon.com.

A few of my favorites are:


3. National Stroke Association

4. American Stroke Association, a division of the American Heart Association

5. Stroke Information from the Mayo Clinic

6. The Internet Stroke Center


7. Autoimmune Disease from Medline Plus

8. American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc. (AARDA)

9. Autoimmunity and Women’s Health


10. Traumatic Brain Injury Information Page

11. Traumatic brain injury, The Mayo Clinic

12. The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA)

You can read more about each of these at:  https://annesigmon.com/resources/